Our Mission


Have you ever dreamed of finding the Perfect Companion? Someone who will always be there for you? Who is perfect in every way? Here at Dream Companions®, our number one goal is to make your dreams your reality.

Let us study your deepest needs, map your greatest desires, and give you the life partner you deserve. The world of biomorphic android Companions® has come a long way in the last few years, and we are certain that with our one-month trial period and Happiness Guarantee®, you will be completely satisfied.

All Dream Companions® are designed for maximum responsiveness, longevity and performance. In fact, they can even sing! Hear our newest android, Joe, in the upcoming Nashville Opera performance of THREE WAY, January 27-29, 2016. They will cook and clean for you, be there for you at the end of every day and, of course, they are designed to be perfect lovers, programmed with all of your favorite positions and fantasies.

After years of research and countless testing hours, we are confident that our units will be unlike any others you have ever experienced. With lifelike movement and skin tone, TouchSense® technology, and our patented Voice Modulation Technology®, as well as many other cutting-edge features, we know that you will never look back to the days of flawed human companionship again. Perfection is just a click away.